Distribution Panelboards

Anord Mardix distribution panelboards are constructed from our IEC 61439 compliant, type tested switchgear system. Every built panelboard...

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MV Switchgear

Medium Voltage or MV switchgear from major, as well as niche, manufacturers is available through Anord Mardix with...

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Power Distribution Unit

With Anord Mardix, you benefit from industry leading expertise and innovative Power Distribution Unit (PDU) technology. We have...

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Remote Power Panel

A Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides local power distribution directly to server racks. These RP Panels are often...

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LV Switchgear

As Europe’s leader in high power switchgear solutions, Anord Mardix builds its knowledge and expertise into every LV...

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Packaged Substations

The Anord Mardix range of packaged substations provides unrivalled quality and maintainability. Our substations are custom built to...

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