Whether you need a 630A modular switchboard or a 6300A ASTA certified ‘L’ shaped bespoke switchboard, we have a solution to meet your needs. As a vendor-neutral supplier, Anord Mardix can source any vendor’s equipment to build custom LV switchgear to your requirements.

We are committed to research and development and ASTA Type Testing and the results of our approach are clear in the quality of our finished products. Every switchboard is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications and safety is built into every unit, from shrouding on both the live and load sides of each switch to metallic barriers between chambers to prevent, protect and isolate live parts.


  • Flexible construction with in-line, back-to-back, U and L shaped configurations
  • Top, bottom, front or rear cable access is possible
  • Smallest footprint (ASTA test) in the market and our 6300A switchboards are also shallower than any others
  • Advanced 3D modelling technique delivers consistent construction standards
  • Type tested options for double stacking of ACBs, high density stacking of MCCBs, reduced height switchboards or bespoke cable management solutions for constrained spaces where temperature increases need to be carefully limited.
  • Forms of separation for our LV switchboards are typically Form 4 Type 2, Form 4 Type 5, Form 4 Type 6 and Form 4 Type 7 and we can accommodate all forms in front and rear access configurations.
  • Seismically tested and certified proving robust construction and resilience
  • Arc containment to IEC TR 61641 available as an option
  • 100% or 200% neutral busbar options
  • Front or rear access busbar systems, suitable for thermographic imaging, as well as top or bottom mounting main busbar systems with unique arc pressure ventilation
  • Available with Integrated Exertherm™ thermal monitoring
  • Accommodation of fixed or withdrawable ACB’s, MCCB’s, fuse-switches, circuit breakers and integrated PFC


  • Construction with in-line, back-to-back, U and L shaped configurations for flexibility
  • Efficient and safe IR thermal monitoring of busbars and connections with both an outer door and a secondary captive thermal imaging screen.
  • Compact footprint giving civil and structural savings.
  • Fully welded construction to form our superior cubicle system with maximum rigidity.
  • Hinged doors and chambers for added safety – no screw fix covers.
  • ASTA Type Tested natural ventilation assemblies on all higher current rated switchboards for safe operation.
  • Type Tested PSC Assemblies, certified for short circuit withstand strengths and temperature rise limitations in accordance with IEC-61439 standards
  • Thermal imaging ports are CNC cluster punched directly into the steel while a tamper-proof retained fastener mechanism allows the port to be opened to allow efficient and non-invasive thermal imaging.
  • Copper earth bars run along the entire length of the cubicles and drop vertically into the functional units, busbars and chambers for switchboard earthing.
  • Higher current rating switchboards are fitted with transition boxes to facilitate glanding and termination of large cables. These can be used where cables run perpendicular to the vertical plane of the switchboards.
  • Anord Mardix’s range of LV switchboards extends to our flagship iBoard™ intelligent board, which is provided with a fully integrated scalable monitoring system.
  • Double marking of every connection, whether factory or site-fitted bolts, ensures zero errors.


Construction Separation Up to IEC Form 4b Type 7
Busbar System Ampacity Up to 6300A
LV Busbar System Short Circuit Rating Up to 100kA/1s
Low Voltage Ratings 240V – 600V
Cable Access Top, Bottom, Front or Rear can be provided
Ingress protection  Up to IP 42 or IP 31 as standard
Additional standards Arc containment and seismic resilience certifications also available
Panel Colour Available in all RAL colours 


With over 100 years in the industry, we’ve loved working with a vast number of brands – no matter how big or small.

We’ve begun to document the journey with our clients, old and new, and release regular updates about completed projects on our Projects page. So, if you would like to read more about the type of clients we work with and the services we can offer, as well as our products in situ, then follow the link below. 

Our Projects

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