Power Pods are ideal for switchgear applications in fast track datacentre builds, for quick deployment to remote locations or where buildings have limited space. They can be rapidly deployed to sites worldwide and offer significant advantages to your construction schedules. For instance, the power system is subjected to an integrated system test following manufacture so your on-site testing and cabling time can be reduced by up to 70%.

A Power Pod designed and built by Anord Mardix typically incorporates interconnected transformers, package substations, UPS systems/batteries and UPS switchgear, with interconnecting busbar systems. Cooling solutions can use either Free Air with DX Trim, chilled water or full air conditioned systems.


  • Power Pods from Anord Mardix are robust, weatherproof and secure units with a minimum 25-year lifespan.
  • All units are fully fitted and factory tested within an ISO 9001 quality environment before shipping.
  • Full First of Kind (FoK) testing available prior to shipping to reduce overall snagging and speed up on-site IST testing.
  • Available with integrated MV switchgear, transformers, main LV switchboards, UPS systems, cooling systems and IP55 IBAR busbar interconnection.
  • Each installation can have specific lighting, security, fire protection and detection systems, heating and air conditioning requirements built in.
  • All Power Pods are designed using 3D modelling techniques ensuring optimum layout arrangement and bespoke design based on power requirement.
  • Seismically qualified construction available on request.


  • Off-site manufacturing speeds up delivery time and minimises on-site installation and deployment time, reducing programme schedule risk too
  • Off-site testing of this modular solution offers improved quality and premium reliability
  • Reduced project design and construction costs due to single point of contact for manufacture of switchgear and switch room
  • Reduced Health and Safety risks on site associated with fewer construction and installation operatives
  • Power Pods free up space within your main buildings, as they sit externally to your building.


Not applicable – every Anord Mardix Power Pod is designed to the client’s specifications.


Maximum Voltage Rating (kV) Up to 36kV Transformer
Ambient temperature range oC -25 to +40oC
IP Rating IP54
Current Rating Up to 6300A
Dimensions To fit client requirements



You can see why off-site modular fabrication is becoming the preferred method of building critical facilities.

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